The Three Hammers

In the church of Hammerfall, three deities are worshiped prominently: Jaocim, Aidaama and Auerstrom. Jaocim is worshiped by the soldiers and paladins, as well as much of the population, Aidaama is worshiped by much of the other half of the population, while Auerstrom is worshiped solely by sages and members of The Templar Flame, who wish to use his power to divine prophecies.

Jaocim God of Justice and Valor

Alignment: Lawful Good

  • Portfolio:* Righteous Crusades, Justice, Paladins

Symbol: A shield and two hammers

Domains: Good, Law, War, Strength, glory

Jaocim thinks himself the only true perpetrator of justice and good will, believing the other gods are too afraid to act, and sit back and wait for the world to destroy itself. his aim is to rid the world of evil and chaos through war after war. Indeed, after Hammerfall was founded on the ashes of Caidan through the teachings of Hector the Righteous, there have been more holy crusades and holy missions within the past 150 years than in the past thousand. His rule is that all transgressions must be paid for, with only an ounce of mercy. Though this puts a spiritual strain on his followers, who cannot be perfect and constantly torment themselves with punishment for there own crimes, evil quakes in the wake of his and his followers power and is the number one archenemy of all those who are evil and unjust.

His sister, Aidaama’s message of peace and understanding can clash with his own ideals, but often he is convinced by him to dull his double edged nature.

his motto is:
Unbent, Unbowed, Unbroken

Some of hes teachings include:
  • Criminals must have fair trial
  • Unholy heathens and some others are already judged by Jaocim, and can be punished on the spot
  • Self control and punishment is the path to true perfection and protection from evil
  • only one chance of mercy can be given to anyone, if that.

Aidaama Goddess of Healing and Peace

Lawful Good
Medicine, Pacifism, missionaries
A white Circle
Healing, Law, Good, Protection, repose, liberation

It is said that at one time Aidaama tried reason and mercy with a foe, and was only met with sticks, stones and cutting words. Her older brother Jaocim stepped in to stop the bullies with force, thus Jaocim became the personification of justice and Aidaama remained a symbol of peace. In the new Caidish church of Hammerfall, worship of Aidaama is the counter culture that balances the scales of wrath and mercy.

Though she is loving and kind, her rules are strict and often conservative just as her brothers are, though she shows forgiveness and understanding to those who do wrong, as she knows none of her followers can be perfect.

Her motto is:
Mercy before judgement.

Some of her teachings include:

  • be charitable to the poor and broken
  • virtue until wed
  • Do not let any substance control you
  • Teach wrongdoers and lawbreakers the right way to behave
  • only those who choose time and again to defy righteousness shall be punished

Aeurstrom God of the Crimson Thunder

Lawful Neutral
Phrophets, diviners, seekers of the future
A bolt of crimson lighting
Air, Fire, law, knowledge , Law, runes

“Follow the sign of the Crimson Thunder” is the motto of Aeurstrum’s followers, who seek knowledge of the future and attempt to change the course of fate. There are no casual followers, anyone seeking the thunder’s guidance must spend years of studty, meditation and contemplation before the paths become open to them.

The Four Horns


Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

  • Portfolio:* Ocean, storms, sea life

Symbol: A Horn

Domains: Water, Wind, Weather, chaos, travel

Jaktins Tid God of the Hunt

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

  • Portfolio:* Hunting, Rangers, Spirits, fey

Symbol: A Stag Skull

Domains: Plant, Animal, sun, travel, repose

Jaktens tid is the great spirit of the hunt, and knows that life is fleeting and all must face death; in the death of one, life is gained for another. He is charged with the duty of carrying the soul, the remaining life force of a dead creature, to the next great and unknown phase of life.

Rituals of animal sacrifice and burnt offerings are pervasive in his commandments for atonements and blessings, but beyond that, his followers are encouraged to pursue life and all it’s pleasures. It is for these reasons that they are often considered evil heathens by different faiths.

His motto is: Drink deep of life, but embrace death.


Alignment: Chaotic Evil

  • Portfolio:* Cannibalism, rape, murder, raiders, Sadism, dark spirits

Symbol:Bloody Teeth

Domains: Evil, Chaos, Water, Destruction, Trickery, Darkness, Madness

Niflevend is the only true evil deity of the horns and dwells in an abyssal marsh realm. Amongst his followers are trolls, lizardmen, and other monstrous and barbaric races, though some the more civilized races turn to him to gain dark powers.

His beliefs entail that one must live, and thrive through abject cruelty and barbaric mutilation. cannibalism and slavery are common sins that his followers indulge in. Niflevend is not a brute, but a smart, calculating god who likes to trick and manipulate creatures into traps.


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