Red Water


Red Water

Small town
Chaotic Neutral
Government: Republic
Current Population: 700
Housing for Population: 500
Lots Used: 7
Kingdom Bonuses
Eco: 2 Loy: 3 Sta: 3
Local Bonuses
Cor: +2 Cri: 0 Law: +2 Lor: 0 Pro: 0 Soc: 0

Base Value 1000 gp; Purchase Limit 5000 gp; Spellcasting 4th


House x2
1 lot
Provides space for 250 residents

Barracks x1
1 lot
Kingdom Unrest —1
Upgrade To Garrison
Special Defense +2
Settlement Law +1
A building to house conscripts, guards, militia, soldiers, or similar military forces.

City Wall
Kingdom Unrest —2 (once per settlement)
Limit Land district border
Special Defense +1
A fortification of one side of a district with a sturdy wall. The GM may allow for cliffs and other natural features to function as a City Wall for one or more sides of a district. You may construct gates through your own city wall at no cost.

Dance Hall
1 lot
Kingdom Economy +1, Loyalty +2, Unrest +1
Limit Adjacent to 1 House
Settlement Corruption +1, Crime +1
An establishment for dancing, drinking, carousing, and holding celebrations.

1 lot
Kingdom Economy +1, Loyalty +1
Limit Adjacent to 1 House or Mansion
Special Base value +500 gp
Settlement Corruption +1
An eating or drinking establishment

1 lot
Kingdom Loyalty +2, Stability +2, Unrest —2
Settlement Crime —1, Law +1
A fortified structure for confining criminals or dangerous monsters.

1 lot
Kingdom Stability +1, Unrest —1
Special Defense +2
A tall structure that serves as a guard post.

Terrain Improvements

A Fishery is like a Farm, except it provides abundant fish rather than planted crops.
Terrain: Coastline, water, river, or marsh.
Effect: Consumption decreases by 1 BP.

A sawmill centralizes the activities of loggers and turns trees into lumber for use in building and crafting.
Terrain: Forest or jungle.
Effect: Stability +1, earn +1 BP per turn when collecting taxes during the Income phase.

Red Water

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