Fly With the Black Swan

The Five Year Seasons
The World is Changing

The Five years after Rummelsnuff and the adventures’ glory days were not kind ones to the old and rugged world. Here , the turn of the world around Leydemar, from 1397-1402, is documented .



The revolution in Reyvadin had been burning on for a few years already, but the next 5 years were a death crawl; Anarchy and carnage perpetuated like a cankerous sore that, when reaching a breaking point, exploded and spread like an infectious plague. The old army tried to contain it, but most of those who had loyalties to the old and honorable ways are dead, and the other nobles, barons and dukes now realize that trying to reform with these anarchists is the only way to keep their wealth.

But after the old establishment fell, none of the rebel’s could agree with each other, and one by one the shaky “governments” lived and died with the lifespan of a fly; some only lasting a few hours.

The only place with any stability is on the island of Dolbarine, where transport to or from the mainland is prohibited to keep the “infection” out. Here a couple generals and many supporters of the old kingdom build up their strength.

In the past two years however, a rebel militia has risen up, and many support them as the true successors the Reyvadin. The Blue Ribbon Knights fight day in and day out to quell the anarchy in an attempt to bring peace back to the volatile lands, while preparing for the inevitable invasion from Dolbarine.


The Terraformed peninsula, where citizens social rank is determined by their knowledge and arcane understanding, Have been making more moves on a global scale as of late. Through their vassal state Ontuida, an island of halfings who have been used as cheep labor, have expanded their trading company, Blue Star inc., and are now one of the leading economic powers in the new frontier. Also, they have paid foreign countries literaly tons of gold to build academies in their lands that give free education to aspiring wizards, as long as they join Domidius as a citizen upon graduating.

The world has already feared the potential power of the nation; now with these new developments, there are whispers of war and world domination, though no damning evidence of such goals have surfaced as of yet.



If the rest of the world is turning with the century, Leydemar is rolling. Tensions between East and West have increased and are close to snapping; many cite the death of Sandalphon and the victory of Rummlesnuff and the west as the catalyst that turned the waters rough and tumultuous- metaphorically that is. The real rough waters, razor winds and devastating storms, are attributed by scholars and priests to be from Trollhorn, thrashing in his prison as a legion of demons tears at his flesh.

In the East, the dealings with Xaochang have become public, and their strange alliance has grown stronger. A new champion has risen to replace Sandalphon, and she has already lit fires of passion in the hearts of her people.

Caddish influence in the West has doubled, and the bitter taste leftover form the revolution is dying out as the two nations form stronger pacts and the religion of the holy trio of Jaocim, Aaidaama, and Aeurstrom, fills the minds of the people, while the followers of Trollhorn dwindle.

The Leydemarian Tal’zuuka have been having trouble establishing their own country, as a commoner has riled up much of the populous to go on a dangerous exodus to inhabit part of the Bloodgap.

In the northern islands, a city and a few villages, comprised mostly of dwarves, have banded together under the flag of the Separatists, who want nothing to do with the feud between East and West, and are fortified and prepared to start their own nation if need be.

What Happened to the Crew


Rummelsnuff has been promoted to high admiral, the greatest military position West Leydemar has to offer. the caravel that he captained during the quest to Firefall, the Daddy Cool, was officially retired and now lays in the port of Euwermight as a monument. He now leads a greatship of nearly 500 crew members called the Lauchhammer.


Anthony refused promotion, only wanting to serve as Rummelsnuff’s first mate on his new ship. From his position on the ship he writes letters to the Tal’zuuka, helping them establish their own government.


Darris has been promoted to a sergeant, fortifying Western Leydermar forts and strongholds with top grade ballistics.

Estabon “Sandwich guy”

Having helped in the kitchen before the adventurers welcoming banquet, Estabon caught the attention of some wealthy noblemen. He was soon hired, but his cooking was so good that richer nobles and merchants kept on employing him for higher and higher wages. As of now, he is somewhere in Eastern Leydemar, serving as a personal cook for a reclusive family in their cliff side castle.


The writer is enjoying bathing in luxury as his epic “Firefall” has become a national hit, as well as making waves internationally. He is taking a long break as he prepares himself for his next great novel.


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